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Introducing the Jeweler that Defined ‘One Gram Gold’

Parakkat Pearls & Jewels Pvt Ltd has established and carried forward its pioneering and priceless legacy in One Gram Gold jewelry. Millions of our customers value us as much as they care about the ornaments that they buy from us. Our word and customer service is as sterling as the ornaments we sell.

About Us

Parakkat Jewels offers an exciting array of purest gold layered or ‘one gram gold’ ornaments with a 100% guarantee. Our extensive collection of premium one gram gold- coated ornaments is a trusted favorite among the growing customer base.

Since its inception in 1990,the company has offered inspired designs, matchless craftsmanship and above all the guarantee of quality and value for money. Customers value it for the usage of finest and purest materials in its newest jewelry collections and eternal classic ones.

We are pioneers and specialize in 1 gm. ornaments coated with gold of 1-5 micron thickness. These are made of pure and unadulterated silver, copper, brass with 24-carat gold plating or layering that is acknowledged as a unique quality of Parakkat products. Our guaranteed 24-carat pure gold plating ensures attractive, reliable and long-lasting ornaments.

Our Jewelry

Our range of jewelry includes rings, chains, bangles, bracelets, earrings, anklets, pendants, show chains, and necklaces besides specialties like dance ornaments, handsets, hip chain, vangi, chutti, maatti, hair accessories, crowns and any other ornamental item that the customer may dream of.

Our 1gm gold jewelry is enhanced with an exquisite collection of cubic zirconia, star cut AD (American diamond) stones, pearls, coral, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, crystals, garnets, sand stones and other gemstones that make more attractive and luxurious. Of these, white stones are the real star-cut American or Korean diamond stones.Star-cut AD stones and Cubic Zirconiaare used in pure gold ornaments. Uncut American diamond stonesare also used in our jewelry in place of regular diamond stones. These are however not used by ordinary imitation jewelers.

Our Layering or Plating technology

We use the Italian electro-foaming technology and our gold plating involves depositing a thin layer of gold on the surface of another metal such as copper, brass or silver. We use 24 carat gold that ensures that the color and gloss stands out. In comparison, gold jewelers use 18 – 22 carat gold with added copper, but this gathers a reddish shade with use. However ourornaments maintain that shine and color lifelong.

We have noticed that the bright yellow color of gold is not popular or trendy among the newer generation now. Parakkat jewelers caters to this demand segment also with different gold finishes such as antique, rose gold or zinc gold, copper finish, gheru finish, black& gold, 3 tonecolor, rhodium, mud finish, matt finish, enamelwork, etc.

Our Principle

We aim to make classy ornaments accessible and affordable for every section of the society. This will be done without compromising on the quality or quantity of materials. We use authentic, pure and ethically sourced materials and customers can safely wear all one gram gold layered jewelry purchased from Parakkat without any doubt about the impact on the health of the user or the environment.

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