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Manufacturing Process

Parakkat Jewels stands apart with itssignature style that comes from its unique manufacturing process. Parakkat Jewels uses 1 gram of 24-carat gold while others make 1000 or more ornaments from the same quantity and additionally their process of microplating is different, even though they advertise themselves as 1gm gold.
This quantity and purity of 24-carat gold used in the manufacture makes our ornaments distinct and ensures that they do not fadeaway or lose its color during regular use like other ordinary imitations. Our experts and specialists use only the best materials and stones.

Skilled craftsmen- the backbone of Parakkat Jewels

Parakkat Jewels owes its success to the proficient and skilled craftsmen involved in the ornament manufacturing process. Their skills, the machinery and technology provide all of our ornaments with the high-quality finishing to the ornaments layered with gold of 1-5 micron thickness. All our staff and craftsmen have been with us through our journey of over 25 years. These craftsmen includetraditional goldsmithswith the highest levels of skills, training and craftsmanship and you can see the proof in our ornaments.

Product Categories

We have a wide variety of products under the larger umbrella of 1 gram gold jewelry. We offer jewelry includes rings, chains, bangles, bracelets, earrings, anklets, pendants, show chains, and necklaces besides specialties like dance ornaments, handsets, hip chain, vangi, chutti, maatti, hair accessories, and crowns. Parakkat Jewels also offers temple jewelry, Nagashi work, Chettinad antique style, ethnic and traditional jewelry, Kundan jewelry, rhodium, Geru, mud, copper, black gold,black n gold, matt, and rose gold finish. These are also available with multi-color, enamel or 3-tone finish.

Parakkat Jewels Divisti also offers other specialty items that are used in home décor, vessels, lamps, statuettes, memento, trophies, decorative items, medals, household fittings, temple works, vessels and items used in worship and religious places, spectacle frames,winner crowns and scepter for events like Miss Kerala, Ms.South India, Ms. India Queen, Ms. Glam World, Ms. South Asia and other beauty pageants.

Our antique jewelry inspired by the great Indian folklore and artistic traditions comprises chokers, necklaces, long chains, bangles, earrings, anklets, etc. that bring out the grandeur of the timeless traditional designs.

You can get all these products at our outlets or get them made to order for babies, children, youngsters, older people and all age groups, men or women. We have specific ornaments that can be used for daily wear, fancy/ trendy wear, bridal wear, wedding, office wear, functions, parties, travel or for events.

Our craftsmanship and skill can be seen in our wood covering, refurbishing of old items and in providing gold layeringto any material that you may choose. We invest a great amount of time in creating and researching our impressive designs.

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